Are you looking for a Seminar and Conference Emcee in Singapore?

Singapore is a known as a destination for MICE, which includes seminars, meetings, exhibitions as well as conferences. Seminars and conferences are important for businesses in Singapore given Singapore is a business hub for the region. These formal events are an important part of the business ecosystem as they enable businesses to showcase their companies to their target audience.

Therefore, it is important to pick an emcee who has the right experience to ensure your formal event goes according to the objectives. It is important to pick an emcee you can trust who will always get the job done.

Here are some clients that Lester has hosted for:

Seminar and Conference Emcee Singapore

conference emcee lester leo in singapore
Conference and Seminar Emcee Singapore - Lester Leo

Seminar and conference emcee Singapore event - Lester Leo
seminar emcee lester leo singapore 
Conference Emcee Lester Leo
Conference emcee singapore - Lester Leo

Seminar and conference emcee in Singapore - Lester Leo
Seminar Emcee - Lester Leo
Seminar Emcee Singapore Lester Leo
Singapore conference emcee - Lester Leo
Conference Emcee Lester Leo Singapore
Seminar Emcee Singapore - Lester Leo

About Emcee Lester Leo

Lester Leo, a bilingual Singapore emcee with a global exposure, has hosted events with politicians and popular international celebrities. Returning clients that never fail to put their absolute trust in Lester is but a testament of his proficiency and impressive emcee skills. He is a true professional, leaving the audience a lasting impression and clients, the widest smiles after an event.

LIVELY (L), ENGAGING (E), OUTSTANDING (O), Lester LEO is the key ingredient in your perfect event recipe.

That is a guarantee.

Lester will be able to carry out your event professionally on stage, as well as make your company look good in front of the attendees. Armed with a Business Management degree from Singapore Management University (SMU), Lester will be able to understand, relate and discuss business aspects of your conference, seminar or forum.

Lester has hosted many high level conferences, with prominent business leaders such as CEO of Far East Organisation, Group CEO of OCBC, Chairman of PwC, Director of Barclays and Macquarie, Managing Director of Exxon Mobil, CEO of Huttons, CEO of ERA, CEO of Langdon & Seah, Editor of ST etc etc in attendance.

Lester Leo has also emcee-d many seminars and conferences with High Level Government Ministers and Officials from Singapore and also government delegation from countries such as US, Japan, Iran, China, Malaysia and Philippines.


To engage Lester for your seminar or conference, inform your preferred events company, or you can contact him below.

Phone: (65) 8163 2525