The Future of Culture – Culture For The Future : What Lies Ahead?


The Future of Culture – Culture For The Future : What Lies Ahead?
As we approach the end of the second decade of the 21st century, it is timely to look at the trends, challenges and opportunities that societies will face in the next decade and discuss how cultural institutions can capitalize on these new opportunities and meet the challenges posed by the 4th Industrial Revolution to remain relevant in the future.

Emcee Singapore - Future of Culture Conference

This One day conference will enable cultural institutions to discuss the driving forces shaping the future of society and how they can respond to these new challenges and remain relevant in the digital era.

Some questions that will be discussed include:

  • What will the future be for arts, culture and heritage? What will the operating environment in the future be like? What practices and values/ ethics in cultural work will remain, change, be modified or become redundant, if at all?
  • Will Culture remain a part of the lives of future societies? What value can it bring to them?
  • What new skills will the culture sector need to prepare for the next 10 to 15 years so that it is ready for, and relevant to societies of the future who will operate in an increasingly globalised, polarised and impatient world?
  • Will arts and culture be preserved, documented, disseminated and consumed in the same way as we do today, or will there be a change, and what could these changes be?

Emcee Lester was the conference emcee for The Future of Culture conference.