The Digital in Cultural Spaces


This event was organised by the National Heritage Board’s Culture Academy.


The prefix “digital” has long been used to indicate that something was produced with a computer and was maybe digitized or accessible through a computer interface. As a prevalent contemporary condition, the ‘digital’ in all its myriad manifestations has meant that the computer has become an invisible appliance, a transparent interface that has fundamentally changed the way we interact with the world – defining how we learn as children to how we connect with our friends and communicate with the world around us. And yet, as digital technologies become ever more pervasive, cultural workers rarely take stock and strategically map out how digital media is changing how we perceive and work with culture.

In an increasingly digital world, what is the role of cultural institutions in helping communities embrace technology, learn to use it beneficially and bridge the digital divide? How can cultural institutions themselves embrace and maximise the potential of digital technology in their efforts to be more accessible and inclusive to the multi-faceted communities they serve?

This conference attempted to take stock of the current stakes and applications of digital media in cultural institutions, focusing on how cultural institutions have used technology in their work and how they innovate, democratise and cultivate existing and new inclusive communities of users and producers. The conference ends with a panel that discusses the potential of new and upcoming technological innovations that can change the face of cultural institutions and how we fundamentally define culture.

Panel Topics:

  1. Defining Communities in the Age of the Digital
  2. Digital Outreach: Innovations in Building New Audiences
  3. The Digital and New Frontiers in Research and Education
  4. The Digital Divide or Digital Disruption
  5. Roundtable Discussion: The Future of the Cultural Institutions and the Cultural Worker in the Digital Age

National Museum of Singapore
07 Dec 2016 – 08 Dec 2016
9:00am to 5:00pm

Emcee Singapore Lester Leo was the emcee for this event.