Singtel GCFO Christmas Charity Bazaar


Singtel held a virtual Christmas charity bazaar to raise money for the following beneficiaries:


A Singapore brand representing the creative talent of people with intellectual disabilities. Providing them with various opportunities to contribute to society and increase the visibility of their talents in Singapore and beyond.

The Art Faculty

The Art Faculty is the appointed Merchandise & Art Representative of Pathlight School’s award-winning Artist Development Programme (ADP). Celebrates the abilities of people with autism and related challenges, and allows them to learn the value of work and financial independence.

Social Gifting

Social Gifting is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise. Founded and spearheaded by undergraduates from Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).
Social Gifting helps crafters find strength, enabling them to be a giver instead of a mere beneficiary, distract them from their illness, relieve their stress and help them earn passive income.


Fairmarch is an online marketplace platform that connects socially and environmentally conscious consumers to impact-driven sellers, and empowering businesses that have a socially driven mission.

Singtel GCFO Christmas Charity Bazaar - sg emcee lester