Singapore Medical Group Art of Aging Well Symposium


“The Art of Aging Well” is a health symposium designed to provide valuable insights and practical tips on Active Aging.

From insightful talks by esteemed speakers like Dr Anthony Tang, Dr Lynette Ng, Dr Tan Wah Ching, Dr Daphne Han, and Dr Annabelle, to engaging discussions that shed light on the path to graceful aging.

Supported by the National Library Board, this event covers a range of informative sessions:
? “Breast Cancer 101: Everything You Need to Know” by Dr. Anthony Tang from The Breast Clinic.
? “Improving Cognition and Emotional Well-being” by Dr. Annabelle Chow from Annabelle Psychology.
? “Healthy Teeth for Life: Gum and Denture Care” by Dr. Lynette Ng and Dr. Tan Wah Ching from The Dental Studio.
??? “Aging with Clarity: How to Keep Your Eyesight Sharp ” by Dr. Daphne Han from LSC Eye Clinic.