Pegatroncorp Dinner and Dance 2015


Pegatroncorp celebrated it’s annual Dinner and Dance event with over 300 staff on 18 Dec 2015. The theme was Star Awards, which is modelled after the Star Awards in Singapore.

An interesting segment featured the Top 10 most popular staff in Pegatroncorp, much like the Top 10 Artiste award. There was also live voting segment to crown the most popular employees. On top of that fun games were played to ensure everyone have a good time!



About Pegatroncorp

Founded in January 2008, Pegatron is a worldwide leader in electronic and computing DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) with extensive experience in product development and vertically integrated capabilities. With equity of US$2.7 billion, Pegatron boasts a diversified product line, including motherboards, desktop PCs, notebooks, broadband, wireless systems, game consoles, networking equipment, Set-top boxes, multimedia, LCD TVs, and more. At Pegatron, we take pride in our well-diversified product portfolio, unique designs, flexible manufacturing capabilities and reliable after-sale services.