Partners for the Environment Forum


The event was organised by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, and is titled Partners for the Environment 2022!

The theme for this year’s forum is Partnership for a Green, Liveable and Climate Resilient Singapore.

Partnerships between the People, Private and Public sectors are crucial in building a better Singapore for all of us. The launch of the Forward Singapore exercise by DPM Lawrence Wong in June underscores the importance of consensus building, refreshing our social compact and establishing partnerships as we navigate an increasingly volatile world.

This event marked the start of a series of engagements with Singaporeans on stewarding our shared resources for a better Singapore, for our current and future generations, under the Forward Singapore exercise.

This year’s forum is also a special one, as the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment celebrates its golden jubilee. With us today are also alumni of MSE Family, many of whom have spent decades with the family.