PA INConversation 2023


Emcee Lester was the emcee for the PA INConversation dialogue.

Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law was the Guest-of-honour.

As a key component of PA’s racial harmony campaign, the INConversation dialogue returned this year with the theme of “Navigating Multiculturalism in an Increasingly Diverse Singapore”.

Over 200 youths, volunteers, thought leaders and community partners gathered to discuss on multiculturalism in Singapore, its challenges and how they could overcome challenges caused by cultural differences.

Moderated by Executive Director for Association of Muslim Professionals, Mr Mohksin Rashid, panellists at the dialogue including Mr Alvin Tan, MOS for Culture, Community and Youth and Trade and Industry, Ms Haziqah Shariman, Peace Ambassador for Roses of Peace, Ms Wendy Mary Zeline, Producer Creator for Our Grandfather Story (OGS) and Ms Cynthia Mohan, Grassroot Volunteer from Chong Pang and Kebun Baru, shared their personal stories and lived experiences on the topic of race and religion, and challenges they have faced along their journey in their personal and professional capacities.

Through the forum theatre, participants were able to actively participate by exploring scenarios related to racial discrimination and bias that could occur in everyday life.

Event by PF