OISHI KANPAI! World Sake Day 2019


Kanpai 2019 world sake day (1)

Kanpai 2019 world sake day (2)

Celebrate the Sake season in Singapore at Grissini!

OISHII magazine published by Media Japan Pte Ltd, a Japanese publisher in Singapore, will be organizing the main event which will be held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel’s Grissini on Oct 1st to promote Sake in Singapore.
With the aim to share much history and cultural essence of Japan, both Media Japan and Grissini are pleased to announce OISHII KANPAI 2019!

New to Sake??

Have no idea how to drink it but would LOVE to learn more about it?
Join our annual Oishii Kanpai event on Oct 1 happening at Grissini on Oct 1st 7pm!
We have several foods similar to you like Chicken rice, Laksa or pizza… let’s experience how to drink and enjoy Sake at this event!
*About 12 types of dishes BUFFET style + Sake pairing + Japanese ingredients.
*More than 30 kinds of sake and Japanese Tea, eel etc. will be there!
*You can enjoy many kinds of sake.

The Day of Sake 1st October

1st October is considered as the beginning of Sake brewing season. Wishing a great brew for the year, we call it the Day of Sake or Day of Kanpai (a toast in Japanese).
For this year, the main event will be held at Grissini at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. At this event, guests celebrate the start of sake season in Japan with a sampling of several types of sake, perfectly paired with Singaporean local dishes. The night will end with a special Kanpai cheers, as participants in Singapore Skype with F&B outlets in Singapore to usher in the season of sake merriment.

In our venue, not only delicious Japanese sake and buffet but also Japanese wonderful ingredients such as miso, soup stock, and eel will appear.
In addition, you will have a chance to see performances using traditional Japanese musical instruments and fashion show with kimono dresses.

Emcee Lester was the emcee for the international world Sake day Oishi Kanpai 2019!