Nutrition Depot Event with US Celebrity Trainer Jen Jewell


Celebrity trainer Jen Jewell recently flew down from California in the US specially for this Nutrition Depot event.

She did a series of workouts on stage for fitness buffs, as well as helped people with their stacks for their supplements. She also shared what motivated her to keep fit, as well what keeps her going at the gym.

Emcee Singapore Lester Leo was the emcee who hosted her on stage among hundreds of eager fans.


Nutrition Depot event with Celebrity trainer Jen Jewell

Born and raised in California, internationally published fitness model, fitness writer, Cellucor & Dcore athlete and celebrity trainer Jen Jewell has maintained a passion for staying active and physically fit since an early age. A former competitive gymnast, she grew up working out 5-to-6 days a week. Yet when injuries sidelined her gymnastics career, Jen promptly joined a local health club in pursuit of other fitness goals.

As a fitness cover model and health & fitness writer, Jen has contributed workouts, nutrition and wellness content features that have been published in a number of international magazines. These publications include (but are not limited to) Fitness, Women’s Health & Fitness, WellBella, Muscle & Body, Inside Fitness, Status Fitness, Iron Man, Train, Muscle & Performance and more.