MUMs for Life Mum’s Day Out and Launch of Ibu Sepanjang Hayat


MUMs for Life in collaboration with Families for Life organised the event to engage families and encourage family bonding.

MUMs for Life Mum’s Day Out and Launch of Ibu Sepanjang Hayat - emcee lester leo

In this Year of Celebrating SG Families, Families for Life (FFL)’s Mother’s Day campaign highlight the importance of a mother’s role in the family and encourages other members of the family to show greater appreciation and love while promoting family time and bonding by bringing families out of their home to celebrate Mother’s Day.

For this event, it is not only celebrate Mother’s Day but also witness the launch of Ibu Sepanjang Hayat, the Malay Muslim chapter of Mums for Life, envisioned to inspire and support harmonious family life.


Families for Life

The Families for Life (FFL) Movement aims to build strong and resilient families.  The FFL Movement rallies like-minded individuals, families and organisations to strengthen family bonds through large-scale events, national celebrations and online digital campaigns.

Centre for Fathering 

Since 2015, CFF has been the driving force behind Singapore’s nation-wide fathering movement – DADs for Life which seeks to inspire and mobilise fathers to become more involved with and a good influence to their children… for life.

MUMs for Life

MUMs for Life is a ground-up movement to celebrate a mum’s unique identity as a woman, daughter, wife & mother. Our key partner is DADs for Life because we believe that mums and dads play irreplaceable and complementary roles in parenting together.

Ibu Sepanjang Hayat

ISH purposes to celebrate the influential role a mother plays in empowering her family, connecting with her children and embracing her inner resilience in order to lead a meaningful and purposeful life.