Let’s Ride Singapore Virtual Cycling Event


Let’s Ride! Singapore is a month long virtual cycling event with a series of challenges and contests open to all cycling enthusiasts in Singapore.

The event’s key objectives are to initiate a public education programme to promote road safety and healthy lifestyle through cycling, and to enhance and improve the harmonious relationship amongst all road users in our Community.

Let’s Ride Singapore is organized by MiRXES, a global leading biotechnology company focused on improving and saving lives with RNA-powered disease early detection tests, with strong pipelines in multiple cancer types, and cardiovascular, metabolic, and infectious diseases.

MiRXES has R&D, manufacturing, clinical diagnostics and multi-omics research capabilities and is headquartered in Singapore, with operations in the United States, China, and Japan, as well as commercial activities globally, to deliver accurate and affordable preventive healthcare solutions across the care continuum to all.