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About Keysight Measurement Forum

Keysight Measurement Forum (KMF) is Keysight Technologies’ largest annual signature event hosted across South East Asian countries. It is seen as a transformational platform to share the latest industry trends and technologies, like 5G, IoT, Smart Car and to connect the entire electronic and semiconductor value chain, addressing the test and measurement challenges and solutions. External reputable speakers are invited to speak about the technologies in their expertise domains too.

Keysight Measurement Forum 2018 - Emcee Lester Leo

KMF 2018 Theme: The Oasis of Future Tech

Leading technologies drive the evolution of electronic devices happening so rapid that a country and the industry need to continue to adapt and improve not to be left behind. 

Take smart phone as an example: currently, we are enjoying high speed 4G streaming but wireless technology leaders are already planning to deploy 5G infrastructures and devices in less than 2 years’ time span. 

As a major supply chain powerhouse, Singapore is launching her own version of electronic Industry Transformation Map (ITM) to transform the current electronic and manufacturing industry with more value added output. The vision is building the electronics industry of tomorrow and to be the oasis of future technology. 

In Keysight Measurement Forum, we will talk about the next generation technologies evolvement, such as Industrial IoT, 5G and mmWave, Electric Vehicle and Energy Research, Material Research and Smart Medical Devices. 

Embrace the new technologies, the research and new ideas for your test and measurement solutions. Let’s thrive in this oasis of future tech.

Emcee Lester Leo was the emcee for keysight measurement forum 2018.

 Keysight Measurement Forum Singapore

July 20, 2018 @ Mandarin Oriental Singapore