IHH 8th Quality Summit Future of Care


Emcee Lester Leo was the emcee for the IHH Healthcare 8th Quality Summit!

Themed ‘The Future of Care’, this summit brought together 450 delegates from their network of 80 hospitals in 10 different countries to discuss the challenges and opportunities that center around the future of care.

Some of the hospitals in their network include Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, Singapore Gleneagles Global Hospitals, IHH Healthcare Patient Assistance Centre, Singapore and Fortis Healthcare.

Healthcare’s significance has surged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, amplifying the challenges posed by aging societies, escalating costs, and the demand for improved services and innovative healthcare solutions.

The post-pandemic era prompts contemplation on how individuals should care for each other in the future and the evolution of healthcare.

This IHH Healthcare Quality Summit served as the platform where academics and industry experts share practical insights, aiming to enhance the patient experience and elevate IHH to the forefront of care, addressing these critical questions and challenges in healthcare.