Home Team Learning Festival 2016


The Home Team Learning Festival aims to engage and inspire the Home Team training community to deepen and advance their professional capacity in the field of adult training and education, so as to keep pace of the evolving pedagogical trends defining the 21st Century learning environment.


The proposed theme for the Learning Festival is: “Shaping the Future of HT Training and Learning”. The learning festival will serve as a platform to:

  1. Engage the training community through external and internal speaker sharing sessions to encourage a mindset of continuous training and learning starting with the trainer community, imbue greater professionalism within the training community, facilitate cross pollination of ideas and at the same time, foster camaraderie and identity building as one HT training community;
  2. Reframe the training community’s mindset and inspire the community to embrace the future of learning (i.e. awareness of emerging trends, physical and virtual learning spaces, and technological advances) through keynote sessions by distinguished speakers from the training and learning industry.
  3. Expose the training community to experiential opportunities to refresh the community on the current and emerging pedagogical trends and technological tools through experiential workshops, learning journeys, and a T&L technology exhibition.


The HT Learning Festival will comprise the following components:

  1. Keynote Sessions – Keynote sessions by renowned speakers will revolve around the proposed theme of the learning festival (refer to para. 7), focusing on the need to create a culture of mind-set shift by adopting the new learning approaches to achieve the various learning outcomes, underpinned by sound pedagogical and instructional design perspective.
  2. Experiential Workshop – The experiential workshop session will provide a technology-enabled experience for HT officers which draws on the engagement models associated with ‘flipped’ and ‘blended’ learning pedagogies.
  3. Showcase of Future Forward Training Capabilities of the HTA and the Home Team Schools – HTA together with the HT Schools will showcase and share with the HT training community on its training and learning capabilities, innovations, and pedagogies that each department has adopted in effort to enhance and improve the quality of learning in the HT. The HT LMS will be one of HTA’s key showcases and it will be showcased to the HT through a HT LMS launch campaign during the learning festival.
  4. HT LMS Launch Campaign – The launch campaign serves as a platform for HTA to outreach to the masses, demonstrate the new system’s capabilities, and encourage the training community to leverage on its capabilities and optimize the system to its fullest potential.
  5. Technology Exhibition – Vendors from the training and learning industry will be invited to showcase cutting-edge and emerging technologies and tools during the exhibition. The technology exhibition serves to update and expose our HT training community to the suite of technologies and tools that are readily available in the market and encourage exploration on the use of these technological tools to enhance the quality of training and learning in the HT.
  6. Learning Journeys – Learning journeys with differentiated themes will be organized to different organisations and Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs). These experiential learning opportunities serve to expose the training community to the current pedagogical practices adopted by these organisations and, potentially import and apply these innovative practices back in the HT. The learning journeys will be conducted outside the festival period.

Emcee Singapore Lester Leo was the emcee for this event.