Govtech Data Science Connect #26 and Data Arcade Tournament


Data Science Connect hosted an annual gathering that brought together enthusiasts and professionals in the field of data and artificial intelligence across Whole-of-Government (WOG).

During this event, public officers convened for a full day dedicated to learning about various aspects of data and AI.

Emcee Lester Leo was the emcee for the Govtech Data Science Connect #26 and Data Arcade Tournament 2023!

The theme for this edition was “Accelerating AI Adoption in Government.” In this era where Generative AI took center stage in our lives, there was a global race to comprehend potential use cases and incorporate them into daily work routines.

Though this journey was just beginning, significant milestones had already been reached. The event provided an opportunity to reflect on these achievements and emphasized the considerable potential for expediting the adoption of AI.

Attendees had the privilege of hearing from organizations such as the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, SkillsFuture Singapore, and the Ministry of Manpower.

These presentations shed light on the efforts made by these organizations and offered valuable insights on how to implement similar strategies in their respective institutions.

As part of the festivities, DSC#26 hosted the highly anticipated finale of the annual Data Arcade Tournament. Following five intense months of preparation, champions of the Data VIZard, ImpactiVIZ, and Prompt Royale Awards were crowned.

The Prompt Royale Finale provided an exclusive glimpse into the first-ever LIVE prompt engineering tournament spanning the entire government.