FundSuperMart Choice Awards


This awards ceremony aims to put the spotlight on an exclusive list of funds which have stood out in terms of sales and consistency in our annual recommended funds list and also recognising the Fund Houses for their outstanding performance over the past year.

Fund Supermart Choice Awards 2017
There are 5 categories, the first being the “Top Selling”, followed by the “Best Risk-Adjusted Returns”, “Most Interesting”, “Most Consistent” and the final one, “Investors’ Choice – Fund House of the Year”. The award-winning funds were selected from more than 1,200 funds available on the FSMOne platform.

With such variety, investors may find it difficult to choose the funds that best suits them in terms of their investment objectives and risk profiling. Hence, we hope that this list of awards alongside the recommended funds 2017/18 booklet found in your goodie bag can be a starting point stone for all investors who are searching for investment opportunities.