E2 Connect Forum


Organised by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the biennial E2 Connect Forum is back for a second run since its launch in 2016. Standing for Enable, Empower and Connect, E2 Connect Forum aims to raise awareness and promote the benefits of infocomm and assistive technology (IT/AT) adoption by persons with disabilities (PWDs). 

Guest of Honor: Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Communications and Information

E2 Connect forum 2018 - Emcee Lester Leo
This experiential forum consists of educational seminars by inspiring speakers, hands-on workshops and an exhibition comprising multiple thematic zones. Come and experience how IT/AT can be applied to meet the needs of PWDs and support them in independent living. 

This year at E2 Connect Forum 2018, it’s all about “Creating Possibilities Through IT/AT”! 


Join us to learn more about how technology can enable independent living – at home, at work and on the move. Find out how lives have been transformed through technology and how agencies which have adopted IT/AT solutions help PWDs in their daily lives. 

Discover the benefits of monitory sensors and tech solutions like IoT (Internet of Things) and how they can empower PWDs in daily living. 

Be inspired by the best practices in the industry to support employment and learn how we can make a difference by creating the right opportunities, suitable workplace, job training and re-design for sustainable employment for PWDs. 



A Connected Home

Step into the surreal world of a connected home and perform tasks effortlessly. Explore the different technologies that can transform your daily routine and allow you to enjoy increased accessibility such as assistive robotics, smart sensors, and internet of things.
Teleporting Across the World

Travel all over the world – visit the Great Wall of China and more with the Virtual Reality (VR) Cave. Come find out how technology can enhance the independence of PWDs in their daily commute. Test drive the motorised wheelchair with ‘Plug N Play’ scooter-handling.
DIY Toys to Create Joy

Assistive technology tools can be a huge investment, so why not DIY your own accessibility switches by adapting off-the-shelf toys for easy activation! Each Hacked Toy is customised and modified to meet the needs of PWDs and is one of its kind. Have fun and experience how education content can be curated to be delivered through interactive sensory solutions.
Getting Services & Assistance

Try out the wide range of IT/AT showcase at the event, and learn about the applications of different mainstream devices and assistive technologies. Find out about the different services from IMDA, SG Enable, SPD, SAVH and LLI. Come join us and start breaking barriers with the help of technology today! 
Emcee Lester Leo was the emcee for E2 Connect Forum 2018.