CSR and Social Innovators Forum


The year 2015 was a monumental one for the global community. We saw the renewal of the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. The public stage has set the signals for a new normal; where business for private profit alone is insufficient.

With collaboration being the emerging theme for progress on sustainability, the Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) and the Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP) are coming together this year to bring you a new and exciting forum that combines the fields of CSR and Social Innovation in one event, the “CSR and Social Innovators Forum”.


New Format, New Heights

Under the overarching theme of Co-creating the Future Economy through Sustainability and Innovation, the forum will provide participants with inroads on how the new norm will affect the way we engage our stakeholders. We will explore how we should redefine growth with possible new business models that are more inclusive in nature; and how we can achieve the triple bottom lines of people, planet, and profits.

The 2-day forum promises to bring you lots of exciting discussions and insights from international speakers and industry experts to explore industry best practices, innovations, trends and ideas. Learn more about the global trends, such as Corporate Reporting, SDGs, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy and COP21, and what it means to you and your business.

Participants will learn from leading practitioners of corporate sustainability and social innovations on how these concepts and tools can be used hand-in-hand in co-creating our future economy. We are expecting 350 participants locally and from around the region to be a part of this exciting event.