BFSI Innovation and Technology Summit Southeast Asia


Emcee Lester Leo was the emcee for the BFSI Innovation and Technology Summit Southeast Asia.

BFSI innovation and technology summit south east asia - emcee singapore lester

Accelerated digital transformation and fast changing business environments have been playing an important role in re-shaping the BFSI sector in South East Asia.

As the sector continues to drive innovation, the IT leaders find themselves looking for new ways to define their digital transformation strategy comprehensively, outgrow competition and stay relevant.

With the risk of real challenges but great potential rewards, customer-centric approaches, automation of processes and security concerns continue to be top of mind for the IT leaders from the BFSI sector. This is the 13th Edition of the BFSI IT Summit by Exito.

Today’s event is a Hybrid conference bringing together the top IT Leaders from the fraternity. It aims to be a learning and networking platform curated to deep dive into the imminent challenges in BFSI and the best practices to overcome the same.

The key focus will be around automation via RPA, Digital Customer Experience, minimizing evolving Cybersecurity threats in enhancing the Customer Journey.