Are you looking for an online or virtual event emcee for your live streaming event in Singapore?

Virtual events accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic when people couldn’t gather in groups. Thus on-site live events moved online in accordance to safe distancing guidelines.

Online events allowed people to participate in an event from the comfort of their homes through a device (laptop, tablet or mobile phone). 

Online virtual events emcee singapore

Live stream virtual event can be hosted from anywhere

Singapore National Day Virtual Livestream celebration event

Virtual emcee

virtual conference event emcee lester leo - scic sustainability conference

Schroders laugh online live event with singapore online emcee lester leo

Zoom webinar with Changi Airport Group - Emcee Lester Leo

Virtual and hybrid event emcee lester leo - in a green screen studio

Webinar - HPB Health Ambassadors Connect 2020 - Emcee Lester Leo

Many different organisations moved their events online, with events including webinars, virtual conferences, symposiums, virtual career fairs, digital sales exhibition, online seminars, live online sales, live streaming event, online auction, online dialogue with leaders etc.  

Emcee Lester also hosts virtual events where we have high level Ministers as the Guest-of-Honor. 

Online symposium webinar live (China and the maritime silk road) virtual event live- emcee lester leo

Guest-of-Honour was Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean

Virtual webinar event with Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean

Guest-of-Honour was Minister for

Guest-of-Honour was Minister for Education Lawrence Wong


Hybrid Event

Due to social distancing measures, there is now also a special type of event known as the hybrid event. It is a combines a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component.

The first hybrid event in Singapore by the Singapore government is the Skillsfuture Forum 2020 held on 17 July and was suggested by Minister Ong Ye Kung, who was the Guest-of-Honor for the event.

It comprised of 50 “live” audience and about 300 “virtual online” audience. More information about this event at The Business Times.

Skillsfuture Forum 2020 - Hybrid event (online virtual event and live event) - Emcee Lester

Guest-of-Honour was Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung

nea ecofriend awards - hybrid event with live streaming - Emcee Lester Leo

Guest-of-Honour was Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu

PA Inclusive Awards and appreciation nite 2021 youtube live stream event with Minister Indranee Rajah - Emcee Lester Leo

Guest-of-Honour was Minister in Prime Minister’s Office Indranee Rajah

SCIC Responsible Care awards Live on Zoom with Minister of State

What platform to use for a virtual online event?

The most popular platform used to host a virtual online event includes Zoom, FB Live, Teams, Workplace and Webex. Each of these platforms have their pros and cons, so find one that best suits your needs according to budget!

virtual emcee singapore lester leo at green screen studio

How to get audience interaction and engagement in an online or virtual event?

If your event is a casual and fun event, you will probably want to have activities and games that can engage them.

One of the toughest act in an online event is to get the audience engaged. As they are just watching from their device, how can the organizers of the event get the audience involved in the activities?

Virtual teambuilding event with fun and games - Singapore Emcee Lester Leo

Are we able to play games in a virtual event? Are we able to have some fun engaging segments in an online event? Are we able to capture the attention of the audience if we do an online event?

Virtual entertainment prom event - Emcee Lester Leo

There are many tricks and techniques to get the audience involved and engaged in a virtual event. Speak with Emcee Lester Leo to find out more! 

virtual event with emcee lester - MHQ appreciation event 2021

Virtual event emcee with fun games and entertainment in Singapore

Virtual online teambuilding event games monopoly - Emcee Lester Leo in Singapore
 FB Live Emcee

Due to Covid-19, many brands are turning to the online medium of facebook live to conduct sales of their products. They need an experienced virtual sales emcee to put their brand in a good light online, and also to push for sales via fb live.

Fb Live - Takashimiya x Nickelodeon FB live sales emcee lester

Lazlive (Lazada Live) Emcee

Another medium that brands use these days is the Lazada platform. Within Lazada, there is Lazlive where brands can do live stream sales. From Lazlive, viwers can immediately add the item to cart and check out, which makes it very convenient for brands to sell their products. 

Lazada Live stream emcee for lazlive sales

Lazada live stream emcee lester

Emcee Lester is an experienced live stream emcee where he will be able to engage the viewers and at the same time push for your sales.

Virtual Event Live stream

Here are some clients that Lester has hosted for:

List of clients for virtual and online events - emcee

About Emcee Lester Leo

Lester Leo is an experienced Singapore based virtual and online emcee who discovered his true passion and love for entertainment and emceeing the very first time he took the stage. He is a true professional, leaving the audience a lasting impression and clients, the widest smiles after an event as the virtual event emcee.

LIVELY (L), ENGAGING (E), OUTSTANDING (O), Lester LEO is the key ingredient in your perfect live stream event recipe.

Here are some onscreen works of Lester in action.

whatsapp SG Emcee Lester Leo

To engage Online/Virtual Events Emcee Lester for your event in Singapore, inform your preferred events company, or you can contact him below.

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