Are you looking for an effective Master of Ceremony in Singapore for your event?

Are you organising a high level event and want your event to go smoothly? Do you want your business conference or convention to rock? Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your audience?

The only way is by choosing a Master of Ceremony with the experience, material, and poise. Wouldn’t you want to leave that responsibility in the hands of a professional? Professional Master of Ceremonies Lester Leo will keep your event running smoothly and on time, and ensuring any contingency on stage is swiftly dealt with, leaving your audience with a smooth, lasting and memorable experience.

Singapore Master of Ceremony for national level events - Lester Leo
Master of Ceremony in Singapore
High level event Master of Ceremony - Lester Leo
Master of Ceremonies Singapore - Lester Leo
Master of Ceremony for High Level formal Event in Singapore - Lester Leo 
Master of Ceremony Singapore event
Singapore Master of Ceremonies - Lester Leo
Singapore Master of Ceremony - Lester Leo

Here are some clients that Lester Leo has hosted for:

Master of Ceremony Singapore - Lester Leo

About Master of Ceremony Lester Leo

Lester Leo is an experienced Singapore based professional Master of Ceremonies who discovered his true passion and love for entertainment and emceeing the very first time he took the stage. He is a true professional, leaving the audience a lasting impression and clients, the widest smiles after an event.

LIVELY (L), ENGAGING (E), OUTSTANDING (O), Lester LEO is the key ingredient in your perfect event recipe.



To engage Lester Leo as your Master of Ceremony, inform your preferred events company, or you can contact him below.

Phone: (65) 8163 2525