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From corporate events, sporting events, celebrity events, lifestyle events, party events, gala dinners, team building events, auction events and any event which needs an event host, Lester Leo is the event host for you!

Being the most dynamic and versatile Event Host in the market, he is able to host high level formal Ministerial events to the fun dynamic events. Having worked with big brands and having hosted over thousands of events, Lester will be able to take your event to the next level.

Work with the best Event Host in Singapore with a proven track record, so look no further to ensure the success of your event!

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About Event Host Lester Leo

Lester Leo, a bilingual Singapore event host with a global exposure, has hosted events with politicians and popular international celebrities. Returning clients that never fail to put their absolute trust in Lester is but a testament of his proficiency and impressive event hosting skills. He is a true professional, leaving the audience a lasting impression and clients, the widest smiles after an event.

Lester graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU) in 2010 with a degree in Business Management. Since then, he has pursued his Passion – event hosting. He will be able to relate to your corporate event, be it to host on a serious business note, or on a more casual setting. He is confident, engaging, and armed with the essential qualities and skillset needed to make your event a huge success.

That is a guarantee.

Singapore Event Host Lester Leo Showreel Videos

Being the most versatile Event Host in the business, Lester is able to host both the high level formal events all the way to the fun crazy events.

Take a look at both his formal and fun events showreel:

Fun Event Host

Formal Event Host

Korean Celebrities Lifestyle Host

Here are some event clients that Lester has hosted for:

Best Event Host Singapore Lester Profile

To engage Lester as your Event Host in Singapore, inform your preferred events company, or you can contact him below.

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Phone(65) 8163 2525