The Ultimate Emcee Guidebook

ProTips on how to be an Effective Emcee and Master of Ceremony

Ebook Book Cover - The Ultimate Emcee Guide - Pro Tips on how to become an effective Emcee and Master of Ceremony

It can be overwhelming and nerve wrecking the first few times you take to the stage. I understand that, because I have been there.

When I started out, I didn’t have anyone guiding me along the way and sharing their experiences with me.

I do not want you to go through all the trial and error that I went through.

I want to shorten your learning curve.

I want you to learn some of the best practises that you can immediately use. 

I want you to learn what you should and should not do on stage

So I wrote this ebook for you to learn from me, so you can go and rock that stage!

P.S. I have also included an Emcee checklist at Chapter Six, so be sure to read through that before an event!

Learn Through My Decade of Experience on Stage

This ebook takes a systematic approach from the time you get an emcee gig, to pre-event preparation, to executing an event. I also share my experience on how to emcee the different types of events.

Chapter One: What Your Audience (And the Organizers!) Expect from You

Chapter Two: Pre-Event Preparation – How to Prepare the Right Way

Chapter Three: All About Event Execution

Chapter Four: The Various Types of Events (I Share My Experience)

Chapter Five: Do’s and Don’ts

Chapter Six: Emcee Checklist – Resources You Should Use Before an Event

About the Author

Emcee eBook - The ultimate Emcee Guide - How to be an emcee

Emcee Lester Leo is a Professional Emcee based in Singapore. He has hosted events all over Asia – in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and Indonesia.

To date he has hosted thousands of events including all the major big brand name companies. He has also emceed events with high level politicians and popular international celebrities.

He is today sharing all his secrets and experience in this Emcee eBook.


Ebook Cover - The Ultimate Emcee Guide - Pro Tips on how to become an effective Emcee and Master of Ceremony

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