Are you looking for an Emcee to host your Dinner & Dance (D&D)?

Dinner and Dance is a time for staff to come together to celebrate the year with a bang! It is a time to let loose and have fun and to ensure company morale is high! It is a fitting way to reward employees for their hard work and also to motivate them for the year ahead! To ensure a memorable event, look to Lester Leo as your Dinner and Dance (D&D mc) emcee.

Lester Leo - Dinner and Dance Emcee

D&D Emcee - Lester Leo

D&D mass activity - emcee lester leo in singapore
dinner and dance - year end party emcee lester leo

Dinner & Dance emcee Singapore

Lester Leo dinner and dance party emcee

Dinner and dance in singapore - emcee lester leo
dnd d&d dinner and dance emcee in singapore for event

D&D dinner and dance emcee Singapore - Lester Leo

Year end party emcee - Lester Leo

D&D Emcee Singapore - Lester Leo 

DnD emcee - Lester Leo 

Here are some clients that Lester has hosted for:

Dinner and Dance (D&D) emcee Singapore

About Emcee Lester Leo

Lester Leo is an experienced Singapore based professional freelance emcee who discovered his true passion and love for entertainment and emceeing the very first time he took the stage. He is a true professional, leaving the audience a lasting impression and clients, the widest smiles after an event as the dnd mc.

LIVELY (L), ENGAGING (E), OUTSTANDING (O), Lester LEO is the key ingredient in your perfect event recipe.


Lester has extensive experience in hosting D&Ds, and he brings with him his wealth of experience to the stage for the big night. Combining his whacky persona, witty personality, fun games and stage presence, he is sure to bring your dinner and dance to a high!

To engage Lester as your Dinner and Dance Emcee (D&D MC), inform your preferred events company,  or you can contact him below.

Phone: (65) 8163 2525