Are you looking for an emcee to host your celebrity event in Singapore? Celebrities are a great way to ensure your brand reaches out to its potential, so it is important to have a host who have experience in making sure your event is a bang!


Here are some shots of Emcee Lester Leo in action with various celebrities:

With Korean actress Song Ji Hyo (from variety show Running Men)

Emcee Lester Leo hosting Korean actress celebrity Song Ji Hyo

Emcee Lester with Korean celebrity and actress Song Ji Hyo (running men show)


With Korean actor (formerly of boyband Super Junior) Kim Ki Bum

Emcee Lester Leo with Korean superstar Kim Kibum

With mediacorp “ah jie” Zoe Tay

Emcee Lester Leo with mediacorp celebrity Zoe Tay

With mediacorp actress Jeanette Aw

Emcee Lester Leo - Olay Regenerist with Jeanette Aw

With mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim

Singapore Emcee Lester Leo with Celebrity Rebecca Lim

With Director Jack Neo, Actors Mark Lee & Wang Lei

Jack Neo Mark Lee Wang Lei Meet & Greet event

With mediacorp and “The Noose” celebrity Michelle Chong



Celebrity Michelle Chong with Emcee Lester at ASUS event

With Mediacorp Actor Romeo Tan

Emcee Lester hosting celebrity Mediacorp Actor Romeo Tan

With Mediacorp Actress Xiang Yun

Celebrity veteran actress xiang yun

With Mediacorp Actor Edmund Chen

Mediacorp actor Edmund Chen - Emcee Lester

With Professional French Tennis Legend Mary Pierce

Emcee Lester Leo with Mary Pierce Tennis Legend

With Celebrity Belinda Lee

Emcee Lester with celebrity Belinda Lee

With Celebrity Sharon Au

Emcee Lester Leo with celebrity Sharon Au

With DJs Glenn Ong & The Flying Dutchman

Emcee Lester hosting with Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman, OneFM 91.3 for Singapore GP F1

Emcee Lester Leo with Glenn Ong and Flying Dutchman

With Mediacorp Actress He Ying Ying and Eswari Gunasagar

Celebrity Mediacorp actress He Ying Ying and Eswari with Emcee Lester Leo

With Paralympic Gold Medallist Yip Pin Xiu

Emcee Lester with sportswoman Paralympic Gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu

With HGTV’s Property Brothers

HGTV Property Brothers live in Singapore with Emcee Singapore Lester Leo

With Asian Food Channel celebrity chef Anna Olsen

Asian Food Channel Celebrity Chef Anna Olsen with Singapore Emcee Lester Leo

With mediacorp celebrity Bryan Wong

Celebrity Bryan Wong with Emcee Singapore Lester Leo

With AFC celebrity chef Ian Kittichai

Emcee Lester Leo with AFC Celebrity chef Ian Kittichai

With American celebrity fitness trainer Jen Jewell

Emcee Lester Leo with celebrity fitness trainer Jen Jewell

With Celebrity Chef Eric Teo

Emcee Lester with celebrity chef Eric Teo

With Class95 DJ Yasminne Cheng


With celebrity chef Violet Oon

Emcee Lester with celebrity chef violet oon

With Kiss92 DJ Maddy Barber

Emcee Lester Leo with Kiss92 DJ Maddy

With AFC personality Sarah Benjamin

Singapore Emcee Lester with AFC celebrity personality Sarah Benjamin

With mediacorp celebrity Huang Shi Nan

huang shi nan with Emcee Lester Leo

With Straits Times Sumiko Tan

Emcee Lester with Celebrity - Straits Times Sumiko Tan


Videos of Celebrity Meet & Greet

To engage Lester to host your celebrity event in Singapore, inform your preferred events company, or you can contact him below.

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